Customer Escalation Engineer

We are looking for a Software Engineer to join the Customer Escalation Team.


As a customer escalation engineer (Tier 4), you will support and develop for more than 10,000 customers of the fastest NoSQL database on earth.

As a Customer Escalation Engineer you will use your programming skills to develop features, maintain the products in production, and communicate with other support groups and customers while using customer facing skills.

Our ideal candidate is a strong individual with good communication skills, experience in large-scale applications—both back-end and front-end who has faced scalability, stability, network and performance challenges. You are a quick learner, always eager to learn and improve.

If you’re “all that,” fun to work with and want to make an impact while contributing to a wildly successful startup, then this is the right challenge for you.

 If you are passionate about technology and a desire to provide the best solution possible, giving customers the best onboarding process, then this is the right challenge for you.


  • Be the voice of our customers and Product, DevOps, Support, Customer Success, and other R&D teams.
  • Handle customer escalations sufficiently while minimizing the “noise” for other R&D teams.
  • Establish a deep knowledge of the Redis Labs code and make code fixes when needed.
  • Debug, maintain and improve the Redis Labs Cluster infrastructure, enhancing its ability to handle thousands of databases with millions of requests per second.


  • 8+ years of hands-on backend development experience working on a large-scale production-grade system
  • Excellent coding skills with a good understanding of large-scale architecture and design patterns
  • Experience with cloud-based products, containerization technologies and operating systems (specifically Linux)
  • Self-direction, ambition and an eagerness to learn new things
  • Experience with customer-facing support with development requirements


  • Experience designing and implementing distributed systems – BIG Advantage
  • Experience with NoSQL databases (especially Redis)
  • Deep understanding of orchestration technologies like Kubernetes & Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  • Experience with Python / C / C++ / Go
  • Experience with web development tools like Angular and Node-JS