Cluster Developer

As a cluster developer you will be part of the cluster coding team responsible for creating the fastest NoSQL cluster on earth, supporting over 1 million ops/sec per node at sub-millisecond latency with true linear scalability.


  •  Help develop the next-generation of Redis Labs’ superior clustering technologies, products and solutions.
  •  Implement improvements to Redis Labs, Redis fork and the open-source Redis code.
  •  Own Redis Labs cluster features end-to-end, from design through development and deployment.
  •  Debug, maintain and improve the Redis Labs cluster infrastructure, enhancing its ability to handle many thousands of databases with millions of requests per second.
  •  Actively participate in various open-source projects that Redis Labs maintains and/or contributes to.
  • Work with team members and other groups to achieve the company goals.


  • B.Sc. in Computer Science or Software Engineering
  • Three or more years of programming experience
  • Experience designing and implementing distributed systems
  • Experience with TCP/IP and networking
  • Extensive knowledge of C, Python, C++, Java
  • Experience with working over Linux OS
  • Self-direction, ambition and an eagerness to learn new things


  • Experience with Redis is a big plus!
  • Experience with NoSQL solutions at architectural understanding level