Redis Cloud - 30MB RAM, 30 Connections for FREE

Redis Cloud – 30MB RAM, 30 Connections for FREE

Avatar by Itamar Haber

Redis Cloud - 30MB RAM, 30 Connections for FREE

As the largest commercial company whose business is the open source project, we’ve always been committed to growing Redis’ user community and advocating its benefits. Our products have simplified the administration of tens of thousands scalable, available and blazing-fast™ Redis databases.

Out of the many Redis databases built with our technology, our Free tier has by far been the most popular. Available since day one, the Free tier has always been offered with no strings attached and is yours for life, but starting today we’ve made a couple of changes to it.

Whether for demoing a project, developing and testing code, or staging and bootstrapping an app, hundreds of developers choose our Free plans every day. That’s why we are as confident as ever that this service is not only needed but is the best way to expose more users to Redis’ awesomeness. And while our Free tier has always been the largest and most robust of all comparable solutions in the market, many of you have asked for more.

It therefore gives me immense pleasure to announce that we’ve made the following changes to our Free plan:

  1. 30MB RAM! Never delete a key again, store all your data in the largest free Redis plan available today
  2. 30 concurrent connections! Scale your app up easily without worrying about running too many clients
  3. Pay exactly $0! Effective immediately 🙂

The updated Free plan is available now on all clouds, platform providers and marketplaces that offer Redis Cloud and Memcached Cloud. New users who sign up for our service will immediately get the updated offer as a default. If you are already using the Free plan, simply log in to your account and use the Subscriptions page to upgrade your “old” 25MB plan with the click of a mouse – no downtime, no code changes, no hassle.

The Free plan is a great way to start out with Redis and when you reach the stage where you need more, upgrading to a paid plan is seamless and instantaneous. Scale your database and employ clustering mechanisms without migrating your data or modifying your app. Ensure the availability of your database by easily replicating it within or across availability zones and having it failover automatically in under 1 second in the event of a failure. Redis Cloud is quantifiably the best performing Redis-as-a-Service solution and all our paid plans allow the creation of multiple dedicated databases – each one independently configurable in terms of data persistence (AOF or Snapshots), backups, eviction policy, security and much more.

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