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Posted on by Itamar Haber

Red is Beautiful: A Visualization of Redis Commands

Sometimes inspiration strikes and you feel compeled to follow it. That's exactly what had happened to me when I was reviewing Redis' documentation repository - while browsing through the commands.json file, I felt an inexplicable urge to haul it into D3.js. The result is a web toy, an eye candy that serves no practical purpose apart from being that which it is. The code of this experiment was adopted from Mike Bostock's example.

Redis' 160 or so commands are grouped by topic and zooming in/out is by clicking the mouse. Each command is represented by circle, whose size roughly corresponds to the command's asymptotic time complexity. Clicking a command will open its documentation page from I hope you'll enjoy it and do feel free to email or tweet me with any feedback - I'm highly available :)


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