Join Us on the New Redis Community Slack

Our new Redis Community Slack was created to be a centralized place for everyone to become a more informed and engaged member of the Redis community.

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We’re thrilled to officially introduce the Redis Community Slack workspace to further enable community building and collaboration. Our goal is to build a centralized place to give everyone the opportunity to become a more informed and engaged member of the community. It’s a great opportunity for you to interact with like-minded people to exchange ideas and establish a direct line of communication with the Redis Labs team.

The Redis Community Slack is a public Slack workspace, and our channels are open to all. We have Redis users joining us from all over the world to interact on various open source Redis and Redis Enterprise products. Participants can keep themselves abreast of key discussions by joining channels like #announcements,, #redis-cloud and #modules. 

So whether you want to learn how to write simple Redis modules, find solutions to painful issues, or just find the latest meetup happening in your local city, the Redis Community Slack is a great place for your queries, solutions, and community collaboration. 

To help you get started, here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Redis Community Slack.

Why should I join the Redis Community Slack?

Top six reasons to join the Redis Community Slack :

  1. Connect with like-minded people
  2. Engage with other Redis community members
  3. Rediscover the full potential of Redis
  4. Connect with Redis influencers
  5. Learn to use Redis more effectively
  6. Help others make better use of Redis

How do I get an invite to the Redis Community Slack?

You don’t need an invite to join the Redis Community Slack. All you need to do is self-register at Then you can directly visit to log in at any time.

How do I get involved?

  • Visit the #introduce-yourself channel and… introduce yourself!
  • Add your photo or avatar. (Seeing what someone looks like is very useful, especially for remote teams.)
  • Search or review the list of channels, like #meetup #forum #stuff-you-wrote, #python-weekly
  • Look for opportunities to interact with the other community members. Ask and answer questions.
    • Visit the #issues channel and help answer other community members’ questions.
    • Visit modules channels, such as #redisbloom, #redisai, #redisearch, and #redisjson for highly targeted discussions.
Some of the channels you can join in the Redis Community Slack.

Who maintains the Redis Community Slack?

Ajeet Singh Raina (@ajeetsraina), Drew Kreiger (@drewkreiger), and Tugdual Grall (@tgrall) are the current maintainers of the Redis Community Slack Team and private channels. They are in charge of monitoring compliance with our community code of conduct

Is this an official support channel for Redis Labs customers?

No. This is purely an open community channel. It is not an official support channel of Redis Labs.

Who should I contact to create a new public or private Slack channel?

The Redis Community Team is the central authority for the Redis Community Slack workspace. If you’re interested in creating a new public or private channel for your topic of interest, language, or location, please reach out to one of the maintainers listed above.