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How Pixlee Uses Redis Labs to Serve Top Brands


Customer satisfaction is Redis Labs’ highest priority. As such, it is with great pleasure that I share another success story, this time with one of our longstanding customers, Pixlee. A recent conversation with Pixlee’s co-founder, Jeff Chen, prompted the idea to compile exactly how Redis Labs has been of service to the ever-growing visual content marketing platform.

>>> download the case study here <<<

Pixlee’s Personalized Visual Marketing SaaS platform sits at the intersection of photos and data, helping brands navigate the user-generated world of today. With the changes happening in consumer behavior, the rise of the visual web, the massive volume of social sharing, and increased sophistication in customer data, brands now have the opportunity to use the authentic voice of their customers to market and optimize content in real-time. Utilizing both Redis and Memcached, Pixlee’s case required top-notch hosting and monitoring support they could rely on. Accordingly, Redis Labs has provided Pixlee with the utmost in enterprise-class Redis and Memcached solutions, along with Redis Labs’ highly-resilient multi-zone support. That being said, I welcome you to read the full story, to have an in-depth look at what Pixlee has accomplished with Redis Labs.

Itamar Haber

A self-proclaimed “Redis Geek,” Itamar is the Technology Evangelist at Redis Labs. He is also the former Chief OSS Redis Education Officer, Chief Developer Advocate, and VP Customer Support, evangelizing Redis to thousands of developers.

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