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Database Usage Survey of AWS re:Invent 2014 Developers

We’ve spent 2014 getting to know developers who are building a wide range of new era and enterprise applications on cloud infrastructure solutions like Amazon Web Services (AWS). In our effort to better understand the needs of cloud developers, we surveyed 126 developers who attended AWS re:Invent 2014 and asked them about their database needs and existing deployments

Our summary of the findings includes these major highlights:

  • #1 database challenge = performance. Nearly 60% of all respondents identified performance among their biggest database challenges, with scalability ranked a near second

  • Cloud developers love Python. Popular programing languages among participants include Python, Java, and Ruby.

  • Developers also love MySQL. More than 70% of the developers surveyed use MySQL, and other popular relational databases such as SQL server and PostgresSQL.

  • More than 45% of respondents use a NoSQL database. The most popular NoSQL databases used by AWS developers are MongoDB, Memcached and Redis.

  • Developers using Redis cite performance as their #1 reason for choosing Redis. 27% of respondents using Redis mentioned that they started using it for either “performance” or “speed.” Other popular reasons include:

    • Latency
    • Queuing
    • Messaging
    • Session management
    • Resque

The goal of this survey was to show how a sample of the developer community engages with various databases. Data is provided as benchmark only. Questions? Let’s discuss over twitter via @cameronperon and @RedisLabs or via email.

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Leena Joshi

Leena Joshi

Leena is the VP Product Marketing for Redis Labs. She has spent over fifteen years in the high tech industry in a variety of product marketing and product management roles. Most recently, she spent five years leading the Splunk solutions marketing team for IT operations, application management and application development. Prior to Splunk, she led product marketing for VMware’s flagship product VMware vSphere. She has also held product management and business operations roles at VMware, Intel and Accenture. Leena has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in computer technology from VJTI (the University of Mumbai), and a post graduate degree in management from the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta.

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