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Benchmarking Redis Enterprise in full ACID configuration on EMC VMAX at over 0.5 Million ops/sec @ <1 ms latency

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This benchmark demonstrates how fast Redis Enterprise can process full ACID transactions when connected to an EMC VMAX…

Linear Scaling Benchmark – 50M ops/sec @<1 msec latency, only 26 EC2 nodes

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Linear scaling of database performance is critical for applications to scale easily and cost-efficiently. Many cloud or on-premises…

Redis-Spark Timeseries benchmark

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Redis Labs’ benchmarks using time-series data show that running Spark on Redis as a data store results in…

Redis on Flash with Samsung NVMe benchmark

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The combination of Redis on Flash and Samsung NVMe SSD has set a new industry performance record: delivering…

Redis on Flash with Intel NVMe Benchmark

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The combination of Redis on Flash and Intel NVMe delivers record breaking performance of 3 million operations per…

NoSQL Performance Benchmarks

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Avalon consulting benchmarked a comparison of database throughput and latency across Couchbase, Datastax, Aerospike and Redis Labs for…

Redis-as-a-Service Performance Benchmark

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Leading benchmark consultancy compares Redis-as-a-Service (RaaS) providers This independent report by Altoros Systems compares RaaS providers using a…