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Redis Enterprise 5.4

Redis Enterprise 5.4 supports Redis Streams GA! We are happy to announce the launch of Redis Enterprise 5.4, the latest version of our high performance, in-memory database platform. The new version contains the following major enhancements: Redis 5.0 GA — Redis Streams Redis Streams, introduced  in Redis 5.0, is one of the most popular products… Read more »


I’m thrilled to share that Redis is now available as an embedded data service for the EdgeX Foundry IoT Edge Platform. By leveraging Redis, the EdgeX Core Services delivers an exceptional performance, a small runtime footprint and the ability to ingest millions of device events at the IoT edge with <1ms latency to IoT solutions.… Read more »

RedisEdge is a purpose-built database for the demanding conditions at the IoT edge.

Share your Redis Geek Story

It’s that time of year! No, I don’t mean the seasons changing. It’s RedisConf CfP time! This is your opportunity to talk about Redis in front of a gathering of fellow geeks. RedisConf ‘19 will be held April 2-3 at San Francisco’s Pier 27. That might seem like a long time from now, but we’re… Read more »


This December, Redis Labs — the company behind Redis — is headed to KubeCon and CloudNativeCon in Seattle. Redis is a NoSQL in-memory database and is known for its simplicity and efficient performance. Furthermore, Redis is also the most popular database on Stackoverflow and has surpassed one billion container downloads on Docker Hub. While in… Read more »

As organizations look to modernize their application architecture, many are turning to microservices, an architectural style that consists of a distributed collection of loosely coupled services. This rapid shift away from monolithic application architecture has had a ripple effect across the application development landscape, with other technologies such as containers and container orchestration tools (e.g.… Read more »